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Explore the benefits of healthy mitochondria on human health

Our clinical studies proved that Urolithin A contributes to healthy mitochondria. We know that optimal mitochondrial function is particularly essential to heart, kidney, eye, brain, skin and muscle function. Dig deeper into the science of mitochondria and Urolithin A and stay up to date with the latest research with our selection of the most reliable studies.


The human brain uses about 25% of the human body’s metabolic energy and is particularly sensitive to the aging process. A growing number of scientists are looking into the contributions of mitochondria in brain health with preliminary studies suggesting they could be key players in brain disorders.


A 2018 report reviewed recent evidence implicating mitochondrial dysfunction in the development of heart failure. “Oxidative metabolism in mitochondria is the main energy source of the heart, and the inability to generate and transfer energy has long been considered the primary mechanism linking mitochondrial dysfunction and contractile failure.”

Skeletal muscle

During strenuous exercise, the rate of energy use in skeletal muscles can increase by more than 100-fold almost instantly. To meet this energy demand, muscle cells contain mitochondria. Our clinical studies have shown improved muscle strength and endurance as a result of improved mitochondrial function.

Joint health

Joints are key for our mobility. The cells required to keep our joints functional progressively decline in function, and so do their mitochondria. These powerhouses need to be renewed and nourished to keep our joints healthy. There is emerging science around the link between mitochondria and arthritis.

Immune system

The immune system protects us from infections and from excessive inflammation. With age, its control loosens up. Evidence is rising on the importance of mitochondria to reduce inflammation with aging, also known as inflamm-aging.

Gut Health

The digestive system is essential to human well-being. Mitochondrial health has been associated with improved gut barrier health, a reduced risk of fatty liver disease, improved kidney function and lower risk of glucose intolerance.

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Our research

Urolithin A Supplementation Leads to Exercise-Like Effects in Older Adults

Our research

October 30, 2022

Urolithin A Improves Muscular Health in Middle-Aged Adults

Our research

October 28, 2022

Urolithin A improves reduces cartilage degeneration and pain in osteoarthritis

Our research

October 26, 2022

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