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Urolithin A boosts immune system and anti-tumor activity

A new study by cancer researchers in Germany demonstrates important immunological benefits of Urolithin A. Tests in human cells and in mice show Urolithin A boosts mitochondrial health and performance of cancer-fighting immune cells, raising the prospect of more effective treatments.

October 31, 2022

Key takeaways

This study showed that treatment with Amazentis’ proprietary Urolithin A supplement, Mitopure, significantly improved the cancer-fighting properties of T-cells, a key part of the immune system.

Urolithin A renewed the energy factories of the T-cells via a cellular recycling pathway called mitophagy and so helped maintain their anti-cancer activity for longer.

Mice with colorectal tumors that were fed Urolithin A saw significantly reduced cancer growth, because of stronger T-cell antitumor properties.

A similar effect was seen in human cells. Human T-cells cultured with Urolithin A produced more T memory stem cells, potentially giving the immune cells more cancer-killing power.

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Dominic Denk, Valentina Petrocelli, Claire Conche, Moritz Drachsler, Paul K. Ziegler, Angela Braun, Alena Kress, Adele M. Nicolas, Kathleen Mohs, Christoph Becker, Markus F. Neurath, Henner F. Farin, Christian J. Buchholz, Pénélope A. Andreux, Chris Rinsch, Florian R. Greten

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