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The Role of the Mitochondria in Heart Failure

Mitochondria provide energy for the heart to function, and a decline in their ability to generate energy has been implicated in the progression of heart failure. Recent advances have also linked other mechanisms of mitochondrial function to heart failure, and this review summarizes some of this development.

October 28, 2022

Key takeaways

Mitochondria also play a role in supporting cell death, and mitochondrial-initiated cell death is a player in heart failure.

Calcium regulation also plays a role in the development of heart failure, and properly functioning mitochondria are needed to maintain healthy levels of calcium.

Heart failure is associated with an inflammatory response, and there is likely a link between mitochondrial dysfunction and inflammation of the heart.

This study suggests that supporting mitochondrial health could be one strategy for targeting therapeutic options in the treatment of heart failure.

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Bo Zhou, Rong Tian

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